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Technology Sep 01, 2019

1.Artificial Intelligence

AI is the future. It has been said that AI will be mankind’s last  invention. But it has also been said that 50% of current jobs will be  done by AI in the year 2035. I can assure you this industry will be  booming before then. I can guarantee you that this industry will survive  even after true AI is born. True AI will be capable of self learning  and self awareness.

2. Deep & Machine Learning

Do not be mistaken Deep Learning is different from Machine Learning.  Now deep learning is  a subset of machine learning modeled loosely on  the neural pathways of the human brain. Deep  refers to the  multiple layers between the input and output layers. In  deep learning,  the algorithm automatically learns what features are  useful. Common  deep learning techniques include convolutional neural  networks (CNNs),  recurrent neural networks (such as long short-term  memory, or LSTM),  and deep Q networks.  While we use machine learning as  shorthand for “traditional machine  learning” the workflow in which you  manually select features and then  train the model. When we refer to machine learning we exclude deep learning. Common machine learning techniques include  decision  trees, support vector machines, and ensemble methods.

3. Robotics

Robotics is also the future. Think prosthetic, AI’s body, organ  replacement, man and machine bonding, among many others. I believe this  industry has already began with biohackers. It is however yet to become  popular probably due to unprocessed materials eg chips, hydraulics,  graphene, sensory imitation technology among others, but be sure that  this industry will rise before 2025.

4. Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking

With the current number of threats that exist and the new ones being  created cybersecurity and ethical hacking isn’t going anywhere.
Cybersecurity  is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from  digital attacks. These cyber attacks are usually aimed at accessing,  changing, or destroying sensitive  information; extorting money from  users; or interrupting normal business processes. While Ethical Hacking  is a term used to describe hacking performed by a company or individual  to help identify potential threats  on a computer or network. An ethical  hacker attempts to bypass system security and search for any weak  points that could be exploited by malicious hackers. This information is  then used by the organization to improve the system security, to  minimize or eliminate any potential attacks. With the current number of  threats that exist and the new ones being created.

5. web development

Why this? Around 700 businesses are open everyday. Each of these  businesses require an online presence. Social Media alone ain’t going to  cut it. They need a website, hence the reason why web development will  stick around.

6. Graphic/ui/ux design

This is key especially UI/UX. It has seen a huge growth in demand  from 2017. Apps need a beautiful and interactive user interface. One can  never go wrong with this. Especially paired with graphics design. Soon  the demand will be high. Pairing Graphics/UI/UX and Animation will  definitely get you noticed and picked. In 2018 we saw an increase with  companies going after animation ads instead of the regular acted ads.  Let’s not forget it’s cheaper.

7. Nanotechnology

Why this? Sadly cancer and tumors are on the rise. We are in urgent  need of little men with powerful concentrated lasers or slicing tools.  Who better to do it than nano-tech. I once did a term paper on this but  my lecturer thought i was way to crazy and that this is all from Sci-Fi  movies. But this is real. And exists. It has bridged I.T to Medicine  better than any other thing. Tangible progress has been made but we are  still to far from having little friends to help us get rid of those  tumors.


There are more than 700 specializations in Information Communication  Technology. I only covered the ones gaining traction. These are likely  to continue growing in demand until it is met. Well that is it for  today. Have a lovely day.

Stephen Ajulu

Hi there? My name is Stephen Ajulu. 🤓 I am a Front End Web Developer, Graphics Designer, Ethical Hacker and Author of this Blog. Here i talk about Technology, Cybersecurity and Self Improvement.